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We all live in the real world, and it may not be possible for you to map out an entire week of meal plans or recipes each and every Sunday. But try to have a rough idea of two or three recipes that you intend to make over the course of the week, as well as a few staples salad dressings, hummus, cooked grains and legumes. Purchase groceries accordingly and use leftovers wisely.

Raw food diets are rich in nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, all of which can add up in cost considerably. In order to offset the expense, start to shop the bulk bins at your local health food store. The costs are lower, and there are often deals or specials. You can also find inexpensive dry legumes and grains, which are also an essential part of a well-rounded, plant-based diet. Raw food snacks are some of the easiest around. Simply pack up some raw almonds and raisins or goji berries.

The images you see will surely put the wind in your culinary sails again. Having support makes a big difference as you undertake lifestyle change. Join a vegan meet-up or find a potluck near you.

Check out Happy Cow to find vegan-friendly restaurants in your area. Use the Internet to your advantage: there are so many vegan and raw food blogs nowadays. Many of the folks reading these blogs are just getting started too, and you may be able to encourage one another. My newest book, Crazy Sexy Juice , is jam-packed with juice, smoothie and nut milk recipes that will bring even more raw veggie power into your daily life. Get this book here. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail: you can also subscribe without commenting Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments.

The hot summer days make it so much easier. Embracing lots of fresh herbs with warming properties to add to salads and smoothies to keep my naturally Vata body type balanced. You are always on point, Kris! Much love to you! An easy pasta sauce I use is blend together one raw red bell pepper, one cup nutritional yeast and one large onion.

You can add garlic, basil, salt and pepper if you like but we eat it plain on hot pasta. For salads it is easy to snip in some green beans, toss in some fresh peas or cut corn off the cob. CSD and also Dr. I devoured both books and really studied and learned WHY products like wheat, dairy and sugar are the enemy.

On May 26 I started the pilgrimage beyond breakfasts of gigantor muffins aka cake in the morning chased with enormous iced coffee laden with cream and fake sweetener. At lunch I stopped eating heavy sandwiches, chips and chocolate…only to still be insanely hungry…at dinner no more snacking on tortilla chips and pretzels the entire time I was cooking.

I was hungry, at that time in my life, during every waking moment and it infuriated me. I know know the chemistry behind why that was happening sugar spikes from the wrong foods cause you to be hungry!!! That being said during week one I was miserable. I was sad and I was angry. But if you can get past the first week the promised land will be yours!!!! The detox fog began to lift….. First of all I have lost 20 pounds with maybe another 15 to go. But most importantly I , at soon to be 50 years old, feel like a zillion dollars. My face is the clearest I ever remember seeing it.

Not once did any of the doctors tell me to consider diet and with the amount of literature that is out there now this saddens and shocks me. I walk, run at least miles a day and am loving life. I used to never be able to eat a salad without drenching it in some kind of gooey, thick, creamy dressing. Thank you Kris. I Crazy Like You and all that you do to promote wellness, health, peace and happiness.

Cathy Jenkins. Every word you have written describes me to a tee…. Now I am very satisfied with my hunger since eating healthy foods. One of the main keys is to not have the sugar spikes …which ultimately makes you very ,very hungry! Right on, sister! Thank you so much for sharing. Your story inspires all. With so much love and gratitude. Cathy, it really warmed my heart to read your post.

My story is similar to yours in that I recently stopped eating dairy, sugar, most processed foods and meat, too. I also have suffered from acne since about 14 years old. I have seen many dermatologists and used all the harsh creams available. All this left my skin dull and flakey to say the least. After making the dietary changes my skin immediately responded.

The acne was not gone but definitely improved. I cut out almost everything I was using on my skin one day out of sheer frustration. Today my skin is beautiful. No more cystic acne. Maybe something that worked for me might help you too. I wish you much success with your new lifestyle! Great tips Kris. While I felt absolutely incredible the baggage as you so appropriately named it was too much. Over time I took a much more moderate approach, but keep the best aspects of eating raw. Simplicity for me now is absolutely key.

Most of the raw meals I prepare now only take 5 — 15 minutes. Thanks for sharing! When I am crunched for time, I throw my veggies and herbs into the blender with some water, coconut water, or broth and have an instant meal. It only takes about minutes in my Vita Mix and I am done!

Eat more fish

If I want to add some leftover or fresh cut up veggies to the the soup to add some texture, I put them in the serving bowl and pour the hot mixture over them and sprinkle with the chopped fresh or dried herbs. A plastic straw makes the eyes on thin-sliced veggies, or just use pieces cut in shapes.

You can also use small cookie cutters for shapes. It really does not take that much time and is fun to eat. Hi Leanne, thank you very much for commenting here. For a quick lunch that will last for a work week, I use one can of chickpeas smashed using my hands , one cup cooked adzuki beans, diced carrots, diced celery, chopped scallions and any other raw veggie near and dear to your heart.

I mix that with either a large scoop of hummus or a cashew sauce then add herbs and spices. For me that means curry powder, smoked paprika, cumin and fresh basil. I eat this mixture either plain, with cucumber slices or atop a large salad. It is so versatile and has saved my lunches! Kris— what great tips— i have been vegan ish for over a year now and adding more greens and color has been a great way to boost my taste buds and acceptance of these foods. Thank you for the great tips. You made it feel simple and therefore exciting. Thanks again! I have been off gluten for over a year, and have cut back on dairy, but am addicted to coffee and need milk to drink it.

In the last two or three months I have lost about 15 lbs, which was not my goal, but is an added bonus! I have been sorta following your first tip, adding in new ideas for health and taking things out of my diet as I go. Peanuts are out, sugar is being eliminated as is possible while feeding my family, greens are going up and raw, especially in summer is getting very abundant at meals. Right now jumping in with both feet especially on a limited budget is not possible, but do I ever try!!

Best Super Food Soup Recipes - How to Make Soups with Superfoods

Thanks for your input into my life! So…after a lot of experimenting with eliminating, only eating certain foods, and driving myself crazy in the process, I feel that the most important thing for my overall FEELING of health is the percentage of raw foods in my diet.

Not eliminating a certain food, but that. My energy level is great, I feel so clean on the inside if that makes sense and psychologically free of too many rules. The weekends are even more lax: I eat whatever I want, but interestingly my body still gravitates towards fruit and veg!

I think raw food is the real game changer in feeling better, more than anything else. Find any way that works for you to up your intake! And like Kris says, it has to be inspiring! I do that by choosing different fruits and salad combinations! Great tips! Do I have to worry about that?

Thank you! Salmonella is contained to the shell and is transferred to the egg when we crack them open. All eggs should be washed seconds before they are used. They can, however, be impacted by salmonella and get sick from it. Usually stress will trigger that response in a dog.

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A normal, healthy dog who is not under any type of stress will not normally be impacted. You also want to be sure and practice good sanitation habits when preparing, storing and feeding raw food. Both for yourself and your dog. Dogs most certainly CAN get salmonella. Not all will be symptomatic. There are even recalls on kibble for this reason.

They also may harbor salmonella and can pass to their human counterparts. I would love to start this diet for her. I just lost my beautiful girl who just turned 9 in May. She past in July and I think the dry food contributed to her bladder cancer. No proof but I do believe that is one of the reason. I was cooking for her the last couple of years of her life on and off.

31 Healthy Crockpot Freezer Meals

I used Natural Balance which was supposed to be a better of the food along with their stew type wet food. My question is can I start a little puppy off on this diet? Very interesting. I love that you make your own raw. Not sure I could handle the organs but I should try. Can you substitute beef liver for chicken livers in your dog food recipe?

I am having trouble finding chicken livers. Im not sure where this commenter gets her information. Blanket statements are best left to experts in the field, not individuals who may have just heard or experienced an event. I know they need organ meet, the only thing is that the liver, kidney detoxify all the bad stuff in the animals body. One frozen dog food company uses organic vegetable, and for organ meets, I believe it is chicken gizzards. I am still trying to find the best all organic raw food. The one I recently started with Stella and Chewy duck.

My dogs are in heaven, I also give them a dab of pumpkin organic blueberries, bananas and still a tiny amount of Blue Buffalo grain free as I make the total transition. I am open to any suggestions. Although things like kidney and liver process the toxins out of the body the organ itself actually has less toxins in it then a chicken leg or otherwise. They mostly need bone to get their calcium.

If giving your dog just organ meat or even beef, calcium needs to be added. One simple recipe is to give your dog the leg quarters. It has the bone which has the calcium. It is the calcium in bones that is of prime importance. Then you can add some spinach or a few like 5 berries in a meal I read if your dog is having trouble making a transition to raw dog food, then tripe should be given or some probiotic. Research this. It appears your diet plan is lacking Calcium. But calcium without the 3D important , add some water to make a paste to put on meats. No salmon!

I will research this idea that kidney detoxifies the bad stuff. Be careful by adding fillers. They are not necessary. I hope this helps. Remember chicken quarters are the basic food to be given. Gizzards, liver and such are fine but are not the prime food. I have been giving my 7 year old German Shepherds a raw chicken back or some chicken necks every night since they were almost pups.

As long as they are not weight bearing bones and are raw you are fine. Stick to necks and backs. Chicken bones in and of themselves are not bad. The danger is really in ANY cooked bones. Another caveat is to avoid weight bearing bones, as these may cause dental fractures. Also I was actually thinking thinking of not giving them so much bones because one of my dogs threw up immediately after he ate a bone. I have three dogs and all of them are on an all raw food diet. Chicken legs and wings are not good because the bone is dangerous. They are too small for the dog.

They will swallow it whole. The bones in the leg quarters are the best. The dog chews the bone and there is calcium which is imperative in the bone. Use organ meat in small portions—say like a bit in a three meal with meat with calcium. Calcium without the 3d is the most important and it comes from the bones in meats. Smash the bone if your dog is a puppy through the blender or just taking a hammer to the bone.

Feeding your dog with organ meat must always include bone. Fat is good for dogs except not as a main meal. For me, I would feed the dog leg quarters and add the liver and 4 berries to the meal a few times a week. It also includes a small amount of cooked spinach. Swallowing the bone whole does not reduce the calcium and a dog on a raw food diet can easily manage to process any bones so why not wings?

We start our puppies on wings when they are 6 weeks old and continue feeding them to our adults. Never had any issues or problems whatsoever. We also feed neck bones. Remember though that thyroids are located in the neck. There is a shop here that sells only chicken and all the parts. For years I have bought hearts, livers, gizzards and feet for my dogs. I set them out on cookie sheets and freeze separately. Then I put them in zip lock bags and use them for dog treats. He has a terrible skin problem and was scratching sores into th it s for.

He also had really bad teeth and breath and diarrhea dried on his back fur. I put him on a small amount of Bull Jack and mostly food processed together ground beef, pumpkin, olive oil and spinach or dandelions. The scratching stopped, stools tightened up, no more tarter on his teeth and much better coat. Also his attitude improved a lot and he romped with my dogs and became more friendly to humans. All the original problems returned within six months. How do you know how much to feed you dog?

I would love to try this recipe and dehydrate it for hiking with her! You will cause dog to have gut fermentation…and get really ill. The way I did it was to calculate the total calories in the entire mixture and divide it by the number of calories my dog needs each day. I got the calories needed per day from petnet. If the total of the ingredients you use is 11, calories, for example, one batch would be enough for 5 days.

So far, using that calorie guide seems to be working. I heard that the dogs should have the bones in their food. And fish oil. Should I worry about the bones or fish oils? I want to feed my dog a raw only diet. Yes, you are absolutely correct. Dogs must get bones raw, not cooked as cooked is dangerous! And dogs should not have dry food such as kibble as it makes our pets ill, slowly. Hi Gina, thank you very much for your post on feeding raw. Additionally not long after, one of my clients was a boutique but expensive!

Needless to say I was hooked, believe in and receive all the benefits. This looks like a great recipe, but how do you know how much to feed your dog? I have a 15 lb. Terrier-Chihuahua mix. I already feed her Primal raw frozen patty food, mixed with a sprinkling of Origen kibble. So, how much if this recipe should be fed to a small dog like mine? How long will the recipe last if not frozen? Freezing takes out a great deal of the benefits not to mention increased bacteria when defrosted.


Although defrosting in fridge or in a Bowl of cold water. Goes right through them. The only drawback to this food is it has a little higher fat content, which is debatable. Hi and thank you for this recipe, my question is what vitamin supplements can I add also my dogs are overweight, how much do I need to feed them oh they are pits one is 20 yrs.

Thank you for any help. Hi my name is Robert and im experiencing my dog having allergic reactions to her food I was wondering is there any other recipes that you can share with me for my dogs because I am taking them off kibble and wanted some good recipes to keep them eating healthy. I love the simplicity of this! And how cute your pup is! Wondering how much I should feed my girls?

One is about 40 lbs and the other 30lbs. Can we do just raw food, or is it a good idea to mix with a few better quality kibble? Is it the egg or the shell they are allergic to? You could rinse and dry the shells the blend then in a food processor to turn to power. Store in a mason jar and sprinkle on food.

I save all my shells and follow the cleaning, drying, storing process. I use it on my garden as well as a food supplement. He goes nuts we supplement with Dynoite and salmon oil. We battled he battled went to cooking and found out also through testing he is solely allergic to dust mitess. Dust mites are every where but most often in grain products. First a Grain Free dry food frozen for 3 day and longer.

All treats frozens no table scraps. His cooked meal must be frozen 3 day ahead and frozen. He had lost all his coat was covered in ulsers and red tenderness. We had to bath him daily one shampoo then the next day watered down bleach wash. Went on for 10 months today I can report he is full coat on shot to reduce itching there is no cure for MRSA He appears outward happy and healthy.

The next step is the raw question how fast does one introduce. I may have missed this this in all the questions. You have a a lovely sily baby! Thatvis true. If you are going to continue feeding both yoinahpuld feed raw at one meal and kibble at the next but not together. Thanks for the recipe and the breakdown!

I just made my first batch using your recipe as a base, and added some goodies that my dog raids from the garden every year, as well as added ground turkey and beef heart to the mix. His eyes looked less cloudy, his dull, crispy fur became supple, smooth and shiny, and his arthritic limp is almost GONE!!! I just took him into the Vet on Saturday, and he was amazed! He wants the recipe that I used because he wants to start his old dog on it!

Here is what It used in mine: Broccoli, chicken breast, tomato lisene! Includes most vitamins, all Omegas, chlorophyll, E, D, etc! Now, if you could just help me figure out a recipe for those dang Greenies that he loves…but that are so expensive! Sara, what are your proportions?

And how much do you feed? My dogs are 45 pounds and 15 pounds. Sara, did you just grate a little of the turmeric and ginger and then add it to everything? Did you blend all the non meat and then just add it to the meat? Really new to all of this but I want to do it. You just give your dogs the raw chicken wing or turkey neck and then they eat it all up, no problems?

All you need to do is grind chicken thighs and legs with the bones and then food process the other goodies to add to the grind. Uncooked bones are much softer for your dog to chew then a cooked bone. Sara, what do you mean by super food that includes most vitamins, omegas chlorophyll e,d, is that all in the hemp? We have two lb Great Pyrenees-Anatolian shepherds mix.

The boy is 1. We have been feeding them raw food for over a year now. We buy 80lbs of chicken backs from the butcher last a little more then a month and they each get in the am and 1 in the evening. Also in the evening, they get chunks of raw beef roast, 1 egg, 1 fillet each of mackerel, 1 tablespoon of yogurt and pumpkin, a cap full of apple cider vinegar and some organ meat such as gizzards, liver or heart.

You can tell their bodies are absorbing so much more then kibble due to the fact that their poop is so small for the size of the animal. And very little smell. That alone is worth feeding them raw!! The dogs do not have bad breath, teeth are very white and the coats are beautiful. They do not need the teeth cleaner Greenies because the bones in the chicken backs help keep the teeth clean.

We spend a lot less on food and much better quality with no fillers. Its good for the dogs to break down the bones. Never cooked bones though!!! How much do you spend approximately monthly for the 2…. My oldest Saint is gonna be 4 in Jan, so I want them to be as healthy as possible!

17 Places To Help You Find Healthy Food in Singapore

This is excellent. Samson is my 8 year old German Sheperd, he weighs Do you give them anything else in morning bowl other than the chicken backs? Is any of this food cooked? Never cook raw dog food it takes away most of the nutrients and never feed cooked bone, they can have raw bones not machine cut bones… chicken breast bones and leg quarters and necks and wings.

Hello: you said you feed kibble and raw , just wondering how you figure how much of each to give to not overfeed? I have a 45lb pitbull she gets a cup of kibble 2xa day. If she would need about 1lb raw total then you can do about. You have no bone in this at all and will end up with a dog with issues because of this.


I learned from someone who has been raising dogs on raw for 30 years…. I agree. Thank you so much for this recipe! I dont know why I thought I was supposed to cook the meat but I did and it turned out ok, she ate it lol. My little girl is scheduled for her first dental next week. After, I am switching her to a raw diet. I always felt I fed her the best foods and always grain free, it it breaks my heart she is having to have this dental cleaning.

I have notes all your recipes, it have a question.